No One Drives Well In A Crisis

Disclaimer: Stories are inspired by real life events during this crisis. Names, genders, etc. may be changed for privacy. This story is from my perspective.

4:45pm – PST – Monday

The police passed in front of my car on the way to Whole Foods. Someone was directing traffic in and out. Cones everywhere to guide people away from the parking lot into the garage. What happened inside? People told customers to limit purchases. Everything but the Skinny Pop popcorn was gone. The American populace definitely isn’t going to go hungry. 

I laughed almost manically through the wine, beer, and meat section. A guy had several bags overflowing his cart of meat. Unless he’s having a Mad Max style BBQ or some sort of COVID house party, I highly doubt he’ll get through it. 

2:00pm – PST – The Following Week

I’ve never seen worse driving than I have during a pandemic. This Whole Foods doesn’t make it any easier.

The entrance is straight in front of Showers Drive, where cars turn left passed the garage driveway median into one of two lanes: into the garage or out of the garage. Most of the time, people get this one right. It’s easy. Don’t drive where you see a car coming at you.

Hell, shouldn’t you know this from, driving on the road.

These people are so scared they are literally out of their minds. Three cars turned into the “out” land and one car made a U-Turn around the whole median. It’s like watching a silent film about what not to do during a crisis.

My perspective is straight on. Showers Road turns into the garage driveway, giving me the perfect angle to judge my fellow South Bay residents with my passenger. We watched this unfold, terrified when it’s our turn, we’ll get caught up in the mess.

Image Credits: Photo by qimono