Lauryn is a game designer, a writer, and an awarding winning entrepreneur currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, California with over 10 years experience in the field of technology and design.

At the age of 21, she founded her first company in digital illustration and print media. It was a successfully business for 5 years before she closed it to pursue a career in games full time. She applied to SMU Guildhall masters with a 24 page Dungeons & Dragons campaign (and a UDK level) with a strong desire to create immersive worlds and a coffee drinking habit. Armed with a masters in level design and a formal creative writing degree, her portfolio analyzes how games tell stories through systems and environments. Her experience in creative writing and business enables her to think about systems in a holistic way. Her titles include Dungeon Defenders II, Star Child VR, and Marvel’s Avengers.

She aims to share her experience and design philosophies to the next generation of game designers. Patreon coming soon.

You can find her brewing coffee, devouring interior design and DIY projects, and cosplaying her favorite characters on instagram [1/2] and twitter. For business collaboration, interviews, or other inquiries, email