About Me

Hello there!

Welcome to the start of something different. As much as I love my multiplayer titles, sometimes I just want to sit down, drink a cup of tea, and play something that makes my imagination run wild. Like a good book, a good game should immerse its reader in its world, take us on an amazing ride, and make us wonder: what comes next?

I was called to tell stories. Raised on Star Wars, Batman, and gothic horror, I devoted myself to writing to character-driven adventures and epic journeys.So like the good Jedi apprentice I was, I studied under the finest.

I duel-wield in English and International Studies, training under the Creative Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa in screenwriting and poetry. Inspired by the game Journey, I honed my skills with a Master’s Degree from SMU Guildhall in Interactive Technology of Level Design.

I learned to tell a story a story without words.