An Action, Tower Defense, Role-Playing Game

Dungeon Defenders II

Technical Level Design Intern

Dungeon Defenders II is a Free-to-Play, cooperative multiplayer game available on Steam! Choose 4 Heroes to make your Hero Deck. Outfit them with customizable skill spheres to build their powers, and battle the Old One’s toughest minions for weapons to use against the ancient evil threatening all of Etheria.


-Scripted New Incursions (unique, game mode challenges) using Akismet for the Buried Bastille and Demon Lair
-Balanced Random Number Generated (RNG) Incursion weapons (released as loot drop rewards) including the Ghastly Halbard and the Scortch Tome of Molten Brimstone
-Collaborated with programming, QA, and the art team to ensure newly designed weapon visuals matched the functionality of said weapons
-Worked with Lead Level Designer and Systems Designer to restructure the Story-Mode Campaign
-Led a Narrative Strike Team including the Design Team and Art Team to consolidate the campaign’s new 18-map Story Mode
-Balance ranged hero projectile firing solutions using UE3 archetypes
-Performed initial balance testing of 4 Classic Heroes (Apprentice, Huntress, Monk, and Squire) tower defense abilities with the Design Director

Gameplay Design

Scripting Game Challenges
Incursions are end-game challenges that give post-campaign, Level 50 players new weapons and loot they need to use at Nightmare I – IV difficulty levels. I collaborated with the Lead Level Designer and Creative Director to brainstorm challenges that would build off of the existing action-packed, tower defense gameplay.

I used Akismet to add different win conditions for these modes and prototype different challenges. A large portion of time was spent communicating with the the internal and external QA teams to better communicate to players what the incursion was and exactly how to overcome it. I worked on a total of 3 incursion game modes during my time at Trendy. I also helped the programming, design, and art teams to implement the 3 unique incursion reward weapons for these maps.

Weapon Design and Balance

The Scorched Tome of Molten Brimstone
This ranged magical weapon was a reward for successfully defeating the boss of the Demon Lair incursion. I designed the weapon, authored the design documentation, collaborated with an awesome programming/art team to get the visuals and features implemented, and finally balanced the weapon working with our internal and external QA departments and community manager. The visuals of the secondary fires matched the map-based enemy’s and boss’s move set to connect the theme of the challenge with the weapon.

This weapon had a primary attack on left mouse button (LMB) that drained mana (how players cast abilities) and damaged enemies with base damage and magical fire damage. The secondary attack on right mouse button click (RMB) shot the same molten rocks the Demon Lord boss threw at players during the incursion battle. These fire modes had 2 Random Number Generated (RNG) variable to test against.

The secondary charged attack when holding the right mouse button (RMB+Hold To Charge) was a line attack that created lava fissures in a burst in front of the player. Each lava burst dealt damage in its radius and applied a damage over time (DOT) effect on enemies it hit. This fire mode had 3 RNG variables I had to balance and test with QA to ensure no roll was under or overpowered.

Top Three Design Contributions

New Challenge Modes
Worked alongside the Lead Level Designer to create unique, map specific challenge modes to challenge high level, post-campaign players.
Hero Balance & Campaign Restructure
Collaborated with the Systems Designer, Art Producer, and Design team to restructure the 18-map campaign from a narrative and character progression standpoint. This included doing adjusting difficulty progression for Normal and Hard mode and balancing resource and loot drops based on player experience level.
Weapons Balance
Tested and balance newly designed challenge-specific weapons for post-campaign players with the Design Director using RNG weapon variables and dynamic tables uploaded to Amazon Playverse.

Watch the Dev Stream

Having worked directly on the Demon Lair incursion & designed the Abyss Lord’s special, high level weapon, Trendy featured me on the Dev Stream to talk about the process, boss battles, and inspirations for the Demon fight!

Watch The Dev Stream!

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