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Lauryn Ash

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I am a technical designer who loves to design mechanics, and levels that emphasize player choice.


ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́) Hi. I’m almost a Master’s of Interactive Technology in Level Design from SMU Guildhall. I earned my Undergraduate degree in English with an emphasis in Creating Writing, and an Honors degree in International Studies. I also started my own company, Tinderbox Studios, and earned a Certificate of Entrepreneurial Management in the process. I may have always been a gamer, but I didn’t always know I’d want to be a designer.

I’ve spent the majority of my life travelling around the world, writing about what I saw, and gaining a holistic understanding of what makes a good story. I chose to go into games, because I wanted to design a complete experience. I wanted to give players not only a story they could enjoy, but a story they contributed to. So this is what I do. Design Games. Prototype Systems. Discover what it means to give players an experience–and not just another story. Only then, will I achieve Victory.

My favorite hobby is photography. Go ahead and check out my Flickr.

Before games, I was an international travel writer for the digital literary magazine, Niche.

I’m a huge fan of pen & paper RPGs. D&D 3.5 is still my favorite.


True skills comes from hard work and dedication. Also coffee.



I love to stream on my own; so when I heard about Extra Life. I jumped. As part of the SMU Guildhall team, I can’t believe we tripled our goal of $3000. *^* I am so honored to be a small part of the team that is #39 of the 49,761 @extralife4kids teams. Thank you all so much! I can’t wait to do this event next year with a new team of friends.


Come join my small following on Twitch. I talk about level design and game design in whatever games I’m playing. So far, I’ve played through Outlast, and done some no-commentary work for friends that wanted me to show gameplay footage and then dissect it later. My next game will be the original Deus Ex. I stream to constantly learn how to make better games.

Everything I've done, has led me to this,

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